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Villager Breeder

So i built this model villager farm.Problem is. I added more villagers to breeding chamber but now their not breeding. I've given them more than enough food. I dont know what the problem is.
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Cosmic_Gamer12381Member avatar small Milohere 179d
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AFK Fish Farm

Frustration led us to fish, and well fishing isn't that entertaining so we turned to Redstone. Check out the loot we made!Recently I built an AFK fish farm in order to score an enchanted book of looting, to collect Wither skulls, to make a beacon....
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CreepyHut351Small CreepyHut 180d
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Rainbow Beacon

Every time we've given a tour of our first spawn area, the question always comes up on how we made a rainbow colored beacon.At first we didn't even know as another player had created the beacon and set the colors, we always just accepted that it w...
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CreepyHut135Small CreepyHut 181d
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