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New Hub is Open!

CreepyHut / Jul 24, 2017 / News
We have opened the new server hub for everyone to use! Thank you Sonex26 and Yitan99 for all the hard work.

There is a lot of stuff packed into the small space, The top floor is where players spawn and are able to read and use the bulletin board, go over the server wide rules, pick a chat color, and we included a wall for awards.

The second floor is where the portals for each world are, make sure to read the signs before jumping in!

The third floor will be where we have player made shops, Sonex26 helped make a layout for where player shops should be built.

Sonex26 developed a temporary inventory storage for players who forgot to empty their Enderchest and inventory before heading to the hub to switch worlds.

We included a quick drop down from the top floor to the middle floor to access portals quickly, and a drop from the middle floor to the shop and storage floors.


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