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CreepyHut / Aug 11, 2017 / News

We have turned off the whitelist to make it easier for new players to join us! Help us welcome all our new members by showing them around and possible building locations.Also be on your toes about griefers, we have a plugin to undo any damage that...

CreepyHut / Aug 04, 2017 / News

The server will be offline for a little bit this morning 8/4/2017 to be able to download a complete backup.Typically the backup is downloaded twice a week when players are online and as players change the world the backup has some failures, so tod...

CreepyHut / Jul 24, 2017 / News

The new flat world Aequus is now open to everyoneLike CreepyCabin, this world will not let you bring in your inventory so leave everything behind, and empty out your Enderchest.Difficulty is set to hard

CreepyHut / Jul 24, 2017 / News

We have opened the new server hub for everyone to use! Thank you Sonex26 and Yitan99 for all the hard work.There is a lot of stuff packed into the small space, The top floor is where players spawn and are able to read and use the bulletin board, g...

CreepyHut / Jul 20, 2017 / News

We have created a brand new flat world and will be opening it later this week.This will be the hardest world we have and you will most likely not receive any help :]We might consider this as a faction/raiding world, let us know if you have any sug...

CreepyHut / Jul 19, 2017 / News

Thanks to PreciselyPixels and Sonex26 for the help and talks on switching over to this new platform.I hope this site will make it much easier to share ideas, suggestions, and bring our community closer together.